Bletchley Leisure Centre Health Hub

The solution to a growing health and wellbeing problem.

The Health Hub at Bletchley Leisure Centre is particularly suited to people who may be inhibited by exercise, it’s not a gym, but an intimate circuit based around a small hub of easy-to-use, interactive fitness machines, manufactured by the leading German company, eGym.

The equipment is linked to powerful software which gives the user a unique analysis, based on a range of factors including age, muscle imbalance, strength and weight. With each visit, that analysis is updated and the machines automatically adjust to ensure the user is exercising at the optimum rate.

The fully electronic circuit will deliver a personalized, balanced, full-body workout. There are no adjustments to make, no settings to change, nothing to remember the eGym equipment does it all for you.

A circuit takes just under 30 minutes to complete. 3 circuits a week are recommended. Because of the intimate setup, the Health Hub is a relaxed and friendly environment and the equipment is even fun to use! Our trainers are on hand to give help, advice and encouragement, and all new users are accompanied throughout their first session.

Truly a wellbeing solution that is easy, effective and achievable.