Healthy Hub Immunity Boost Programme

Participating in regular, moderate activity gives our bodies the best chance of reducing infection risks. Exercise can positively protect immunity by both internal and external effects. Directly, by affecting the cells and molecules of the immune system to improve host defence and indirectly by negating the detrimental effects of chronic stress on the immune system. Exercises increases the immune surveillance by activating the biological stress response.

The Immunity Boost programme follows a circuit style session that focuses on gently increasing strength endurance training for and increased boost to the immune system to the release of hormones from strength training in phase one. Throughout the four phased training plan, the body will reap the benefits of exercise and its impact on the immune system. Each phase progressing for maximal benefit. With the training plan and training app, you will be able to measure and monitor your progress. With feedback rewarding your effort, you will no doubt love it so much you won’t want to stop being active again.

If you would like to try the Immunity Boost program for free contact us to book your free session* with our reception team on 01908 377251.

*one free session per person, session to last no longer than one hour.