Health + Wellbeing

Health Hub

The Health Hub features a range of easy-to-use eGym digital fitness equipment. Users complete a fitness plan based on individual needs, with a 30-minute circuit, based around a hub of easy-to-use, interactive fitness machines.

The equipment is linked to powerful software which will give a unique analysis based on a range of factors including age, strength and weight. With each visit, the analysis is updated and the machines automatically adjust to ensure you are exercising at the optimum rate.

The Health Hub is suitable for anyone, but particularly those who:

  • has been advised by a doctor or medical professional to increase their physical activity levels
  • has a health condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other condition that requires action to reduce its severity
  • is obese or morbidly obese
  • is over 55 years old and looking for a simple, effective workout in a non-intimidating environment

For more information To find out more about the Health Hub and the eGym circuit, please contact us on 01908 377251.

Generation Plus Activities

Join us Monday – Thursday (9.30am – 11.30am) every week for a range of indoor sports including

  • Short Tennis – Monday & Wednesday
  • Badminton – Tuesday & Thursday
  • Table Tennis – Monday – Thursday
  • Squash / Racquet ball – Monday – Thursday

All for just £3.70 per person, per session. Plus if you would like to relax in the café after your session you can purchase any hot drink for £2.00*

Etiquette: As a community group we welcome everyone and are an inclusive activity group. We ask all participants to be receptive to new and returning individuals. To ensure the sessions commence on time we ask that guidance and etiquettes are followed. As the centre continues to return from lockdown periods measures remain in place including sanitiser stations, regular hand washing for your safety. *any food and beverages consumed in the café must be purchased at the café.

Physical Activity Guidelines

We all know, mostly, the healthy way to live. Eat our vegetable, finish our fruit, drink water, rest and be active. We cater for a wide and broad audience and each individual need will be personal, however, we all need to hit a desirable level of activity to maintain health but also positively enhance mental health care.

Further information on the specific physical activity guidelines that we should all be achieving can be downloaded below:

Physical Activity for early years (birth – 5 years old)
Physical Activity for children and young people (5 – 18 years old)
Physical Activity for adults and older adults
Physical Activity for pregnant women
Physical Activity for disabled adults